directDebit Plus

DirectDebit Plus takes the directDebit model a step further when it comes to convenience. Consumers are able to pay for items by simply logging into their bank. This solution features low fees and the best consumer experience.

Key Features

What is directDebit Plus?

DirectDebit Plus allows customers to make purchases directly and instantly from their chequing accounts using their online banking credentials. This user-friendly version of our popular directDebit offering is more convenient because users are not required to have their account, transit and institution numbers handy upon initial use.

When consumers select directDebit Plus at checkout, they have the option of saving their payment information to make subsequent payments even quicker - a single click. All successfully used bank accounts which were saved for future use are displayed on a secure page in the already simple payment flow.

PremierPay is currently investigating the possibility of full indemnification for merchants on this payment method. Please contact us for further details if this is of interest to your enterprise.