Payment Methods

Alternative payments are rapidly gaining in popularity across all online commerce sectors. There are hundreds of payment types, and consumer preferences vary by country, demographic and retail space.

That is why a comprehensive understanding of local payment preferences is so important when merchants seek to increase their market penetration internationally. If not aware of local trends, the merchant can exclude potential customers during their first checkout. We support several alternatives to credit cards, and you can start accepting them with one seamless integration.


Seamlessness is crucial.

When you integrate PremierPay's API, you add additional payment options without changing the experience for your existing customers. Everything is done in your website's own checkout screen, which gives your customers confidence that they are safe. There are no programming or design changes required - the API simply adds extra space in the payment methods column and then adds the appropriate fields, logos and checkboxes.

Instead of using the API integration, merchants can opt to have their very own secure payment hosted page which incorporates their company's logo, colour scheme and even the ability to add a custom background image.


Manage your outbound payments.

Our API works with your software to make sure everyone gets paid - on time and in the most convenient manner possible. Set pre-determined payout methods or allow your payees to choose how they will be paid by enabling multiple channels.

We make it simple to comply with AML and KYC requirements, allowing you to collect the relevant information in your payout flow. With PremierPay you can get people paid as painlessly and quickly as possible...often the same day.

Use our Send service to refund customers, pay suppliers, disburse payroll and compensate advertisers on your affiliate commission platforms. What's more, if you have incoming revenue streams with PremierPay you can set aside a portion of your earnings to cover your outbound payments. Wean your payees off slow, expensive and resource-hogging cheques - move your disbursement into the modern age with us.

PremierPay's current offering of payment methods.

While the majority of our offerings are from our own backyard, we have several international payment methods on the way.
If you have a specific requirement, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Let customers pay using their bank transit and account number. The user experience is similar to that of a credit card transaction.



directDebit Plus

DirectDebit Plus takes the directDebit model a step further when it comes to convenience. Consumers are able to pay for items by using their online banking credentials.




Quickly, directly and affordably deposit to Canadian bank accounts through PremierPay. Useful for customer or supplier disbursements, refunds or paying commissions on ad revenue.



Interac Online

Interac Online is an immediate, secure and easy-to-use online payment method, offered by Canada's most trusted payment platform. There are currently 71 participating financial institutions.



Interac e-Transfer

Transfer funds in real-time to or from anyone in Canada with only an email address (or mobile phone number). PremierPay is proud to offer this industry first: automated e-Transfer processing.



Visa Direct

Send payments directly to the recipient’s Visa Debit, Visa Credit or reloadable Visa Prepaid card with only the 16-digit card number, cardholder name and address.




Alipay is a must-have payment method for any business looking to reach Chinese shoppers both home and abroad. Alipay is available in 70 markets and has surpassed PayPal in user adoption.



WeChat Pay

Accept payments from over 800 million Chinese bank account holders who are active users of this social app's payment features.



SEPA debit

Europe's direct-from-chequing purchases occur on the SEPA rails. This simple to use and cost-effective payment method is being added to our suite.

[coming soon]


SmartPOS’s traditional brick and mortar features are seamlessly hybridized with online hosted applications in a way that provides our customers with the advantages of both systems.

[coming soon]

Enterprise Pricing

If your medium to large company is processing considerable volume, you may qualify for a discounted fee structure.

Please use the form in this section to have your case reviewed and an agent will get in touch with you.

    Pricing FAQ

    If you have additional questions not covered in the FAQ, please contact our sales agents and they would be happy to assist you.

    Can I do business in multiple currencies?

    You can! PremierPay can currently settle in Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, Euro and British Pounds. We are working on adding more currencies.

    Who qualifies for discounted rates?

    If your business does over $60,000 (CDN) per month in total sales volume, contact our team to speak about special pricing.

    How often do you send settlements?

    Depending on your account type and volume, we settle weekly, bi-weekly or daily.

    Do you work with non-profits and charities?

    We sure do. If you run a non-profit or charity organization you should speak to one of our sales representatives or fill out this form