Interac e-Transfer Automation (autoEMT)

The most popular peer-to-peer money transfer service in Canada - PremierPay automates this service for retail.
(Read on below to see why this is so crucial.)

Key Features

What is an Interac e-Transfer?

PremierPay is proud to offer this industry first: automated e-Transfer processing via API.

Interac e-Transfers offer an inexpensive and quick way to send money within Canada. The service at its base allows anyone to manually send or receive money to or from anyone else in Canada with only an email address or mobile phone number. That's all well and good in priciple, and many merchants are already experimenting with e-Transfers as a viable means to accept online payment.

The problem (without PremierPay's automation), however, is that the customer-initiated payments must be accepted manually and subsequently matched up to all pending shopping cart orders for approval. This is not only very time consuming for any business with even moderate volume, it also introduces several risks. For one, access to the corporate account must be granted to an employee, opening up your accounts to employee theft - which is common and difficult to monitor, unfortunately. Secondly, user-error is introduced during the order-matching process.



Over 250 financial institutions support Interac e-Transfer, making it one of the most popular transaction methods in the country. Add to that the well-known and trust-inspiring Interac brand, and this is a very interesting payment method worth considering.