While not exactly a payment “method”, this tool is instrumental in bridging the gap between payment types used online and businesses which conduct sales face-to-face.

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Key Features

What is smartPOS?

Essentially, it’s a powerful tablet in a sleek body and with a touchscreen and tap-to-pay interface which allows businesses to collect digital payments even more easily than they can charge a credit card. Available in both countertop and mobile versions, this tool opens the door to limitless payment possibilities for brick and mortar businesses (such as restaurants or stores) and travelling, face-to-face service providers (such as photographers and taxi drivers).

From ApplePay to cryptocurrency to MasterCard, this small, modern device can bend over backwards to satisfy your customers, no matter how hip they are to advances in fintech.

Tied to the machine is a powerful suite of reporting services and built in amenities like WiFi and cordless printing. There’s really not much it can’t do, and we’re excited to make it available to our clients after final testing by our tech team.